Sylvia – Sitting and Grabbing

18 Apr


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Well now that she is past her 6 month birthday she is really starting to get good.

Last week, after a monumental effort, she managed to flip over from her back to her tummy. Then she remembered that it sucks being on your tummy and cried. It is notable that she hasn’t tried it again.

Not worrying too much about flipping she has concentrated her efforts on sitting up on her own. This she can do unaided for short periods but she soon comes a cropper when she makes a lunge for something and falls on her face. The upright moments are lasting longer each day though so it won’t be long before ahe is able to ‘go solo’.

Sylvia’s dexterity is now quite amazing. She can turn things around and swap between hands no problem. She is always after something to handle and has a quite unbelievable reach. Things you think she will have no chance of grabbing are soon in her grasp. Her arms must extend somehow??

Deborah has made a start on the weaning but Sylvia doesn’t appear to be very impressed. She quite likes gnawing on a crust of bread or maybe licking a banana. Swallowing, however, seems a bit too far. I’m sure she’ll get it at some point.

Overall, the report card is looking good. I’m going to give her a B+.

Keep up the good work!


Sylvia – rock and roll

17 Mar

Sylvia has been in that lovely state up to now where she stays where we put her. That is just beginning to change however.

She can quite easily rock over onto her side and when she wants to watch tv, she’ll manoeuvre herself round. Very soon she will be able to flip over and then we’ll need to watch out! Sitting won’t be long now either….

Rose – imagination runs wild

14 Feb

For the last couple of months rose’s imagination has really blossomed. She pretends to cook, has tea with her dolls, manages a zoo and gets attacked by crocodiles, dragons, big bad wolves and ‘monsters’. When this happens we have to hide. It’s pretty good fun.

Rose’s attention span has also got a bit better when reading bedtime stories. I can now almost always get through a reading of the princess and the frog. This is great!

Sylvia – sleeping through??

30 Jan

I am touching wood as I write this but Sylvia had a couple of nights of sleeping through the night. By which I mean 7pm to 6am.

Deborah and I have had our evenings free for some time but to have the night too is quite a breakthrough.

I always found Rose to be a very jolly baby but Sylvia may be even more so. When not smiling she generally seems pretty chilled. She likes lying on the mat and gurgling at us and seems ok with ‘tummy time’ which I remember Rose not liking at all.

Sylvia also seems to pay particular attention if anyone is eating. I don’t think it’ll be long now before we give her a taste of food. Ahh, they grow ip so quick.

Sylvia – jolly babe

2 Jan

Sylvia is now 3 months old and things are going pretty great. With only a little propping up she holds herself up and looks around. She gives us all the most amazing smiles and chuckles.

The other day she discovered her toes and now regularly sits staring at them.

Sylvia is sleeping longer and longer during the night. She managed from 1900 to 0400 the other night. Hopefully not too long before she goes the whole night time.

We let Rose put Sylvia on her lap from time to time and she is usually pretty nice.

All good so far.

Rose – bedtime, the final chapter?

29 Dec

After a little bit of wrangling at bedtime we think we may have cracked it.

We’ve always been quite good at imposing a good bedtime routine. A bit of ceebeebies bedtime hour, bath, story maybe a song and then sleep.

Rose – toilet training odyssey

28 Dec

It was a time that I’d been dreading since the beginning. Potty training.

As it turns out, Rose has needed no encouragement from us and in fact it is her that has pushed us.

She has always taken a slightly intense interest in her parents toilet habits so it’s no surprise that she wants to do it herself. At nursery her seeing the older kids going was a huge help as well I’m sure.

It started with her occasionally asking to wear knickers rather than nappies. This was something we were initially reluctant to do but her persistence paid off. At first we took her nappy off in the evenings or weekend mornings. Sometimes she would use the toilet or potty and other times just forget and go in her trousers.

Our reluctance to start toilet training was in part because we were still I’m the first few months of a newborn. Eventually, with Rose just begging us not put her in Nappies we knew we had to go for it.

We are now in our second week of full on PT and it is going surprisingly well. We had a few episodes of accidents including one visit to friends when we had three accidents!

The last three days though have been accident free and this has included several car journeys and a few trips to the shops.

I’m sure there are more adventures yet but do far I’m optimistic. I’ve never liked changing nappies so at least it’ll only be with one child for a while.